Picking the brains of professional funny people to find out how we can all be as creative as comedians

Comedy writer and innovation coach, Tim Reid, chats to other comedy professionals about how they keep the ideas flowing. As well as being co-creator and co-writer of Peter Kay’s Car Share, Tim trains teams in creativity and innovation. And Tim believes we can all learn how to be more creative by finding out how comedians and comedy writers think, behave and the methods they use for coming up with a steady stream of new material. So he’s getting inside their funny minds to see where their ideas come from. Tim says, “Comedians and comedy writers are the most innovative and creative people you could meet. They have to be. No-one laughs at an old joke. They have to continuously and consistently come up with new ideas, new jokes, new sitcom plot lines… So I talk to them about how they do it. I want to get inside the minds of funny folk, have a poke around, and see what makes them so creative. I hope you’ll find a few tools and techniques that help you up your own creativity.”

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